Megan Morrissy - Sales Specialist

Megan Morrissy

Megan Morrissy is an enthusiastic, driven and savvy individual and has proven herself to be an instrumental part of the Specialists In Property team. In her role of executive assistant, Megan's creative flair, energy, dedication and willingness to work hard, ensures her clients have an enjoyable and satisfying experience with one of the most important processes of their lives.


Megan’s unsurpassed level of customer service, professionalism and integrity combine seamlessly to assist her clients to achieve the highest possible price for their property.  

Methodical and deliberate in her approach Megan ensures all aspects of the sale are identified and maximised for the best result. From renovations, maintenance, marketing and negotiating she takes the time to fully understand and comprehend her client’s needs and all of the properties intricacies.




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